2020 Entry Fees

Registration is NOW LIVE and spots are flying off the shelves.  Hurry up, kids. 88 entries remain for the 2020 event.

2020 will mark the 14th year of the original Under Armour TransRockies Run. This stage race takes you on an epic journey from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek through the Colorado Rocky Mountains. TransRockies Run is the trail running adventure of a lifetime! 

RUN6: 6-Day Team & Solo Event  | August 3-8, 2020 | Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, CO - Hotel option available
GU RUN3 - Cross the Divide: 3-Day Solo Event | August 3-5, 2020 | Buena Vista to Camp Hale, CO - Hotel option available
KAHTOOLA RUN3 - Cliff to Creek: 3-Day Solo Event | August 6-8, 2020 | Nova Guides to Beaver Creek, CO - No Hotel option

RUN6 Double Tent OccupancyRUN3 Double Tent Occupancy
First 50 Spots SOLD OUT
Spots 200+$1999$1149
*Double tent occupancy is included in your registration.  Single tent occupancy is available as an add-on to your registration.  See below.

Note: All entry fees are per person. This means team members are not guaranteed the same entry fee price as each person must register individually. The entry price will increase once the number of available entries in that category has sold out. 

Deposits and Instalments: 

Run 6 - The payment plan of 3 payments is now closed. We are now offering a payment plan with 2 payments. All fees are in US dollars. The first  payment  is $999 with balance due on April 30th.

Run 3 - The payment plan of 3 payments is now closed. We are now offering a payment plan with 2 payments. All fees are in US dollars.The first payment is $599 with balance due on April 30th.

Cancellation Policy: First deposit is non-refundable. Prior to June 1, 2020 - Registration Credit (for deferral or substitution) less $250 admin fee - held through 2021 event.  June 1, 2020 or after - Registration Credit (for deferral or substitution) less $500 admin fee - held through 2021 event.

Please e-mail Emily - [email protected] with any registration questions or visit our FAQ page.  


Solo: Open Men, Open Women, 50+ Men, 50+ Women
Team: 100+ Open, 80+ Mixed, 80+ Men, 80+ Women, Open Mixed, Open Women, Open Men
*80+ and 100+ is combined age of teammates
**limit 250 runners

GU RUN 3 (first three days) & Kahtoola RUN 3 (last three days)
Open Men, Open Women
*limit 50 runners in each event.  


WHAT's included

Tent City (Monday, August 3 – Friday, Aug. 7)    
Hot Showers    
Unlimited Sufferfest Beer in ChillVille    
Daily Access to ChillVille (snacks, toaster, GU)
Charging Station for Phones/Watches    
TRR Duffel Bag (we transport your extra luggage - please label your bags)    
Unlimited Daily Breakfast and Dinners
24 Hour Medical Support    
24 Hour Crew Support (100 crew for 350 participants)
Daily Luggage Service from stage to stage    
Complimentary Luggage/Runner pick up the morning of Stage 1 in Buena Vista. Leave your luggage outside your hotel. We have continuous shuttles.
Unlimited GU Energy products at all Check Points and Chillville. Three check points on Stage 1, 3,5,6. Two Check Points on Stages 2 & 4.

Unlimited PB & J sandwiches at the Finish Line:-)
Soft Cotton Start T-Shirt (For RUN3 & RUN6)
Soft Cotton Finishers Shirt (For RUN3 & RUN6)  
Finishers Belt Buckle (6-Day Only)    
Opportunity to meet running friends from around the world
GU RUN 3 Finishers Medal*

Daily Drop Bag Service - you must supply your own drop bag.  You drop it off at the "Drop Bag Van" at the start line and we will have it at the finish line, not at the camp*

Supporter Hotel, Meals and Parking spot at the Camps

Massage Services ($90/hour)    

Athletic Therapy (taping, blister care, etc)

Pre and post race shuttles    

Shuttles after GU RUN 3 to Buena Vista and Vail    

Elevated Legs (Compression)    




Please read carefully!


1. Conditions of Participation

Participants must be experienced runners and be in excellent physical condition to participate in the TransRockies™ Run. Special licenses are not required. Minimum age to enter the race is 18 years. Participants as young as 15 years of age are permitted only in the case that the Team Leader is the parent or legal guardian of the minor, and that the Team Leader is a past participant of the TransRockies™ Run.

2. Rules

All participants must read, understand and obey the “OFFICIAL RULES AND REGULATIONS”, which can be found below.

3. Liability

The organizers, sponsors, volunteers and event personnel are not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur during the event, cancellations, delays or re-routing due to environmental concerns. Each participant will be required to sign a waiver upon registration declaring that they take full responsibility for risk of injury, to themselves or their equipment, and any lost or stolen items.

4. Awards

a. Medals are presented to all finishers in the GU RUN 3.  Belt Buckles are presented to the all finishers in the RUN 6. Finisher T-shirts are presented to runners who complete the entire race distance.

5. Categories

The TransRockies™ RUN6 offers six different team categories: Open Men, Open Women, Open Mixed, 80+ Men, 80+ Women and 100+ Open.  In 80+ and 100+ categories, the combined age of the team must be 80 or 100 or higher. RUN6 solo categories include Open Men and Open Women. RUN3 categories are Open Men and Open Women. Categories where there are fewer than five (5) teams registered may be combined with another category at the organizer’s discretion. All ages are calculated as of the END OF THE CALENDAR YEAR in which the race takes place.

6. Luggage

At Sign-On, each participant will receive a TransRockies™ Run duffel bag (approx. 36”x16”x16” or 90cm x 40cm x 40cm) with their start number. This bag should also be used to store a sleeping bag, thermal mattress, clothing and personal belongings for the duration of the race.

Each participant must drop-off his/her bag at the transportation truck on the morning of each stage (location and time will be announced). The bags will be transported to the next stage location where they can be picked up on arrival at the day’s finish. We can only transport one bag for each participant and will not accept any additional items.

When you arrive at Buena Vista location we ask that you transfer the contents from your traveling bag into the bag that is provided by TransRockies. The remaining items such as suitcases etc. will then be transported directly to the finish and can be picked up at the end of the race. TransRockies will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.

7. Accommodations

Registration includes tent accommodation during the race. Tent accommodation for teams is 2-per tent (teammates share a tent), unless you purchase an additional tent package. Tents are approximately 7’ x 7’ of floor space. Solo participants will be accommodated 1-per tent.

No accommodations are provided for the nights prior to the start, or following the finish of the race (the evening of the last day of racing). Participants are encouraged to book hotel accommodation for those evenings.

We are generally able to accommodate all participants with access to showers. However, there will be limited use. Showers must be limited to five (5) minutes to conserve hot water, fresh water, and allow enough room for grey-water storage.

8. Participant Support

Participants may bring friends, family or other support during the race. If participants wish to purchase a meal package for friends, family or support they can purchase the package prior to the race, at Sign-On at the start, or at the Race Office during the daily stages. Support vehicles will be charged a daily or weekly rate for a confirmed site. Support crew/vehicles will NOT be allowed to park or enter the TransRockies staging area unless they purchase a vehicle camping pass. Participant support crews will be responsible for their own accommodation and transportation to each stage location, however, a full set of driving instructions for the week are included with the purchase of a vehicle camping pass.

Supporters are not permitted to drive on the course and should only spectate at the locations listed in the map book.

9. 2020 Stages

August 3 – Buena Vista to Railroad Bridge (shuttle to camp)

August 4 – Vicksburg to Twin Lakes (shuttle to Leadville - Leiter Field)

August 5 – Leadville to Camp Hale

August 6 – Camp Hale to Red Cliff

August 7 – Red Cliff to Vail

August 8 – Vail to Beaver Creek

Note: Exact staging locations are subject to change, and US Forest Service approval.

10. Running Computer, Altimeter and GPS

The TransRockies™ Run is a race where participants will follow a preset route with the help of course markings and maps. For this reason, we recommend that every team or solo runner carry an altimeter and running computer unit to assist with route finding in case you lose the markings. Please note that we use a variety of methods for calculating distance and elevation gain, and route book measurements may not match your personal measurements. Data may vary due to differences in personal calibrations and measurement methods.

Due to the possibility of last minute route changes, we do not provide GPS data in advance. Participants should not expect to rely on any published or publicly available GPS data.

11. Catering

Included in the race package, each participant will receive breakfast and an evening meal at each stage location. TransRockies will also provide electrolyte drinks, water, energy foods and fruit at each check point. The check points are not food supply points. It is recommended that if you require more food/drink during the day that you make the necessary arrangements in advance by purchasing food in advance or in the host communities. WARNING: Do not bring food into tents in the tent camps – it may attract wildlife. We will provide a storage area if you need to store food overnight.

12. Massage service

The TransRockies™ Run expo area offers athletic therapy and massage service on site to soothe your aching muscles. Massage and athletic therapy services are offered on a “pay-as-you-go” basis.

13. Airport Shuttles

Shuttles to the start and from the finish will be available for participants at an additional charge according to the schedule posted on the event website. Transfers need to be booked in advance of the race. Please read the Race Info section of the website for more information. Transfers may be offered by TransRockies or by a third party.

14. Sign-On

Hours of Sign-On:

Monday, August 7th, 2020 – 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Location TBD.

15. Health & Travel Insurance

Participants must be in good health and be experienced, well-trained trail-runners. All participants are responsible for their own health and travel insurance. In the case that a search and rescue or medical evacuation is required, the participant is responsible for any expenses incurred . Ask your local insurance provider to recommend a specialized travel insurance provider who can provide coverage. Your insurance should cover Air Ambulance service, and should not exclude athletic competition.

16. Sponsorship & Branding

Participants may wear sponsor logos on their clothing. They can not change, cut, fold, or alter the start numbers supplied by TransRockies. If the participants are one of the leaders in any category they are required to wear the Leader Jersey provided by TransRockies. Unauthorized signage of any kind is not permitted in start and finish area, stage locations or camps.


1. Team Ranking

All team participants of the TransRockies™ Run will start in teams of two. Both participants in each team must appear together at the start, at all check points, and at the finish. If this does not occur, the team will not be considered in the daily results. Should one team member arrive more than two minutes before their partner at one of the check points, the team will be given a 60-minute time penalty. If this occurs more than once, the team will be disqualified.

Teams must start each stage together to maintain official ranking in their category. Teams become unclassified if either member does not start a stage. Unclassified teams may not compete for individual stage or overall results, but may continue to start each stage as they wish and have stage times recorded in the unclassified results.

Teams wishing to separate and continue as solo runners may do so, but will become unclassified and will not be eligible for stage or overall ranking in any official category. Their unclassified GC time will be based on their team times for every stage started as a team before they elected to separate.

Teams who elect to separate must notify the race office or chief of timing no less than 30 minutes prior to the start of a stage.

2. Solo Ranking

All solo participants of the TransRockies™ Run must check in at the start, at all check points, and at the finish. If this does not occur, the team will not be considered in the daily results.

Solo Runners must start every stage to maintain official ranking in their category. Solo runners who become unclassified may not compete for individual stage or overall results, but may continue to start each stage as they wish and have stage times recorded in the unclassified results.

3. Bib Numbers and Race Passes

Bib numbers must be pinned to the front of the body between the chest and the waist. The sponsor placement on the start numbers must be seen and no additional advertising may be added.

3. Start

The start call-up begins 20 minutes before the starting time specific to each stage. The daily briefing for all participants begins 15 minutes prior to the start time. Note that there is also a daily course briefing each evening, going over the next day’s stage.

The start will remain open up to 5 minutes after the start time listed for each day. Runners starting up to 5 minutes after the designated start time, will be measured according to the official start time. Runners who start later than 5 minutes after the official start time will not be considered in the overall results.

4. Check Points

During each stage there will be one to three mandatory check points where both members of each team, and solo runners, must report into the Check Point. Runners or Teams who do not pass one of the check points (for example because they have lost their way), will receive a time penalty of 60 minutes for each check point missed. The jury reserves the right to impose a higher or lower time penalty in special cases.

Participants will be recorded together at the check points in the order of arrival. Should one participant arrive prior to their teammate, he/she must wait at the end of the line until his/her partner arrives, within the allowable time limit of two minutes. Otherwise, the 60 minute time penalty will be assessed.

5. Finish

At the finish of each stage, the participants must arrive together as a team, solos individually, and check in with the Timing Team. The official finish time of the stage is recorded here.

Runners or teams who arrive at the finish after the finish time limit due to exhaustion, repairs, injury, etc., but who are still on foot under their own power will receive the maximum racing time (from official starting time to finish-time) plus 60 minutes. They are eligible to continue racing the following day. Runners or teams who can prove a severe defect or injury and arrive at the finish in/on a vehicle will receive the maximum racing time (from official starting time to finish-time) plus 120 minutes, and can continue to race the following day. Each participant must run or walk the entire distance of every stage to qualify for a Finisher T-shirt.

Teams who separate during the stage will receive the finish time of the slower team member, inclusive of any penalties.

6. Withdrawal from a Stage

Participants who cannot continue the race must inform the organizers of their decision by contacting one of the below mentioned event personnel. Failure to inform the organization may cause a search and rescue action. The cost for this action will be charged to the participant.

In the event you need to withdraw from the race you must contact one of the following immediately:

• TransRockies Medical Team personnel

• TransRockies personnel at one of the Check Points

• The Start Line or Finish Line

• Race Office

• Call the emergency number in your route book

If you withdraw from the race, the organizers will ensure that you are transported to the closest town, and you are then responsible for your own transportation back to the start, Denver, or another destination.

7. Food and Beverage

All participants are responsible for their own food and beverages while on the race course. The organizers will provide water, energy foods and electrolyte drinks at the check points.

Each participant must commit him/herself to protect the environment and not to leave any garbage along the route. Purposely littering the route or causing harm to the environment can be cause for elimination from the race.

8. Safety Equipment

For safety purposes, participants are asked to carry the following recommended equipment:

1. Rainwear (rain jacket and long pants) for both participants

2. Warm clothing (fleece sweater or similar) for both participants because weather in the Rockies can change by the minute

3. Warm Hat and Gloves for each participant

4. 1 small First Aid Kit for every team / tape for blisters

5. 1 Survival Blanket for every team

6. ID card, money

7. Sun-screen

8. Route Book

The following mandatory equipment will be checked on all participants at the start of every stage starting with stage 2:

  • Jacket
  • Hat covering the ears
  • Gloves
  • Survival Blanket (1 per team)

Participants not carrying the required equipment will not be permitted to start the stage.

9. General

1. The race will be taking place partly on public roads. Each participant is to obey all traffic laws in effect and yield to motor-vehicles with right-of-way at all times.

2. The organizer reserves the right to penalize or disqualify participants and teams when one of the following applies:

* Participant health problems

* Violating rules and regulations of the event

* Unfair or unsportsmanlike conduct

* Any disregard for the environment

* Disregard for traffic rules

10. Environmental Regulations

• Littering of any kind is prohibited. This includes Gel and Energy Bar wrappers and applies to the race course, as well as camps and staging locations.

• Washing clothing in rivers, streams and lakes is prohibited.

• Short-cutting of trails is prohibited. You must stay on the primary trail tread of the marked routes at all times, as described in the map book.

Every participant who is caught disregarding the environmental rules above will be penalized with a two (2) hour time penalty at first offense and disqualification at second offense.

In the case of major environmental concerns (fire bans, wildlife, flooding etc.) TransRockies has the right to cancel, delay or reroute the race. Participants will not be reimbursed in an environmental situation that is out of TransRockies’ control. In case of cancellation of a race leg, participants will be brought to the next stage location.

11. Safety Rules

1. Slower participants are required to make way for faster runners. Faster runners must give slower runners a reasonable opportunity to pull off the trail before passing.

2. Course Hazards are often not marked. Run in control and be prepared for possible course hazards.

These rules primarily serve to assure the runners’ safety. Violating these rules can also lead to subsequent time penalty disqualification from the race.

12. Protest and Jury

Each participant can file protest against other teams for disregarding the rules or against decisions of the race director. Protests can be filed in the Race Office up to one hour after the finish time limit. Witnesses should be named. A jury of three members appointed by the Event Director will debate the protest and render a decision prior to the start of the next stage. The protest fee is $50 USD. This fee will not be reimbursed.

13. Liability

Each participant is responsible for his/her own safety and security. The organizers, sponsors and event personnel are in no way liable for injury or damage incurred to the participants. A stipulation to participation in the event is that the runner agrees to take responsibility for risks against his/her person and his/her belongings when participating in the race, and give up any right to claim from persons, institutions, or companies running or having run the TransRockies™ Run.

Cancellation Policy

First deposit is non-refundable. Prior to June 1, 2020 - Registration Credit (for deferral or substitution) less $250 admin fee - held through 2021 event.  June 1, 2020 or after - Registration Credit (for deferral or substitution) less $500 admin fee - held through 2021 event.

No credit will be applied for any cancellation received less than 72 hours prior to the start of the first stage. Please e-mail Emily - [email protected] with any questions.